Revelation - Where life and the Bible meet - By Jay Mack

Revelation, Where Life and the Bible Meet

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Aa Aa   Revelation, Where Life and the Bible Meet
Ab Ab   The Outline of the Book of Revelation - from a Jewish Perspective
Ac Ac   The Book of Revelation - from a Jewish Perspective
Ad Ad   Apocalyptic Literature
Ae Ae   The Use of Symbols in the book of Revelation
Af Af   Revelation in Relation to Genesis
Ag Ag   The Importance of the Number Seven in the book of Revelation
Ah Ah   The Revelation of Jesus Christ, Which God Gave Him - ch 1 verses 1-3
Ai Ai   Look, He is Coming With the Clouds - ch 1 verses 4-8
Aj Aj   Write, Therefore, What You Have Seen
Ak Ak   John was On the Island of Patmos because of the Testimony of Jesus - ch 1 verses 9-11
Al Al   I Turned Around and Saw Someone like a Son of Man - ch 1 verses 12-16
Am Am   I Hold the Keys to Death and Hades - ch 1 verses 17-20
An An   The Times of the Gentiles - Luke ch 21 verse 24
Ao Ao   The First Beast of Daniel: A Lion with a Head of Gold - Daniel ch 2 verses 37-38 and ch 7 verses 2-4
Ap Ap   The Second Beast of Daniel: A Bear with a Chest and Arms of Silver -
Daniel ch 2 verse 32b, ch 2 verse 39a, ch 7 verse 5 and ch 8 verses 1-4, 20
Aq Aq   The Third Beast of Daniel: A Leopard with Thighs of Bronze -
Daniel ch 2 verse 32c, ch 2 verse 39b, ch 7 verse 6, ch 8 verses 5-8, 21-22 and ch 11 verses 3-35
Ar Ar   Finally, There will be a Fourth Beast, That Breaks and Smashes Everything -
Daniel ch 2 verses 40-43 and ch 7 verses 7-8
As As   The Fourth Beast: The Roman Empire Stage - Daniel ch 2 verse 40 and ch 7 verse 23a
At At   The Fourth Beast: The Balance of Power Stage - Daniel ch 2 verse 41
Au Au   The Fourth Beast: The One World Government Stage - Daniel ch 7 verse 23b and c
Av Av   The Fourth Beast: The Ten Kingdoms Stage -
Daniel ch 2 verses 42-43, ch 7 verse 24a and ch 11 verses 40-45
Aw Aw   The Fourth Beast: The Antichrist Stage -
Daniel ch 7 verse 8, 20-22, 24b-26, ch 8 verse 19, 23-25, ch 9 verse 27
and ch 11 verses 36-39
Ax Ax   The Messianic Kingdom: A Rock Not Cut by Human Hands -
Daniel ch 2 verse 34, 44-45a, ch 7 verses 18 and 27
Ay Ay   Write, Therefore, What Is Now - ch 2 verse 1 to ch 3 verse 22
Az Az   The Church at Ephesus - ch 2 verse 1-7
Ba Ba   The Church at Smyrna - ch 2 verses 8-11
Bb Bb   The Church at Pergamum - ch 2 verses 12-17
Bc Bc   The Church at Thyatira - ch 2 verses 18-29
Bd Bd   The Church at Sardis - ch 3 verses 1-6
Be Be   The Church at Philadelphia - ch 3 verses 7-13
Bf Bf   The Church at Laodicea - ch 3 verses 14-22
Bg Bg   The Sequence of Pretribulational Events
Bh Bh   The Northern Alliance and the Invasion of Israel - Ezekiel ch 38 verse 1 to ch 39 verse 16
Bi Bi   Set Your Face Against Gog, of the land of Magog, the Chief Prince of Rosh,
Meshech and Tubal - Ezekiel ch 38 verses 1-6
Bj Bj   In Future Years You Will Invade the Land, Advancing Like a Storm -
Ezekiel ch 38 verses 7-9
Bk Bk   I Will Invade a Land of Unwalled Villages, I Will Attack an Unsuspecting People -
Ezekiel ch 38 verses 10-13
Bl Bl   You Will Advance Against My People Israel Like a Cloud that Covers the Earth -
Ezekiel ch 38 verses 14-16
Bm Bm   At That Time There Shall be a Great Earthquake in the Land of Israel -
Ezekiel ch 38 verses 17-23
Bn Bn   I Will Bring You from the far North and Send You Against the Mountains of Israel -
Ezekiel ch 39 verses 1-6
Bo Bo   I Will Make Known My Holy Name Among My People Israel - Ezekiel ch 39 verses 7-8
Bp Bp   For Seven Years They Will Use Them for Fuel, They Will Plunder Those
Who Plundered Them - Ezekiel ch 39 verses 9-10
Bq Bq   For Seven Months the house of Israel Will Bury Them in Order to Cleanse the Land -
Ezekiel ch 39 verses 11-16
Br Br   It Will Devour the Whole Earth, Trampling It Down and Crushing It - Daniel ch 7 verses 23
Bs Bs   The Ten Horns are Ten Kings Who Will Come from this Kingdom - Daniel ch 7 verses 24a
Bt Bt   The Rise of the Man of Lawlessness - Daniel ch 7 verses 3-8 and 24b,
Revelation ch 13 verses 1-2, and Second Thessalonians ch 2 verses 1-3
Bu Bu   When People Say Peace and Safety, Destruction Will Come Upon Them Suddenly -
First Thessalonians ch 5 verses 1-3
Bv Bv   The Sun Will Be Turned to Darkness and the Moon to Blood - Joel ch 2 verses 30-31
Bw Bw   See, I Will Send You the Prophet Elijah Before that Great and Dreadful
Day of the LORD Comes - Malachi ch 4 verses 4-6
Bx Bx   The Tribulation Temple - ch 11 verses 1-2
By By   The Rapture of the Church - First Thessalonians ch 4 verses 13-18
Bz Bz   The Signing of the Seven Year Covenant with the Antichrist - Daniel ch 9 verse 27
Ca Ca   Write, Therefore, What Will Take Place Later - ch 4 verse 1 to ch 22 verse 5
Cb Cb   Events in Heaven Preceding the Great Tribulation - ch 4 verse 1 to ch 5 verse 14
Cc Cc   For We Must All Appear Before the Judgment Seat of Christ -
Second Corinthians ch 5 verse 10
Cd Cd   And There Before Me was a Throne in Heaven - ch 4 verses 1-11
Ce Ce   The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Root of David Has Triumphed - ch 5 verses 1-5
Cf Cf   You Are Worthy To Take The Scroll - ch 5 verses 6-14
Cg Cg   The Great Tribulation - ch 6 verse 1 to ch 18 verse 24
Ch Ch   The Beginning of the Great Tribulation -
Daniel ch 9 verses 24-27 and Isaiah ch 28 verses 14-22
Ci Ci   The Events in the First Half of the Great Tribulation -
ch 6 verse 1 to ch 9 verse 21 and ch 17 verses 1-6
Cj Cj   The Number Seven
Ck Ck   The Seven Seals of the Lamb - ch 6 verses 1-17
Cl Cl   The First Seal: A White Horse - ch 6 verses 1-2
Cm Cm   The Second Seal: A Red Horse - ch 6 verses 3-4
Cn Cn   The Third Seal: A Black Horse - ch 6 verses 5-6
Co Co   The Fourth Seal: A Pale Horse - ch 6 verses 7-8
Cp Cp   The Fifth Seal: I Saw Under the Altar Those Who Had Been Slain - ch 6 verses 9-11
Cq Cq   The Sixth Seal: The Sun Turned Black Like Sackcloth - ch 6 verses 12-17
Cr Cr   Then I Heard the Number of Those Who Were Sealed, 144,000 from all the Tribes of Israel - ch 7 verses 1-8
Cs Cs   God Will Wipe Away Every Tear From Their Eyes - ch 7 verses 9-17
Ct Ct   The Seventh Seal: Silence in Heaven For About Half an Hour - ch 8 verse 1
Cu Cu   The Seven Trumpets - ch 8 verse 2 to ch 9 verse 21
Cv Cv   Then the Angel Took the Censer, Filled It With Fire and Hurled It On the Earth -
ch 8 verses 2-5
Cw Cw   The First Trumpet: Hail and Fire Mixed With Blood Were Hurled Down Upon the Earth -
ch 8 verses 6-7
Cx Cx   The Second Trumpet: A Third of the Sea Turned Into Blood - ch 8 verses 8-9
Cy Cy   The Third Trumpet: The Name of the Star is Wormwood - ch 8 verses 10-11
Cz Cz   The Fourth Trumpet: A Third of the Sun, Moon and Stars Were Struck and Turned Dark - ch 8 verses 12-13
Da Da   The Fifth Trumpet: Locusts Came Down Upon the Earth
and Were Given Power Like That of Scorpions - ch 9 verses 1-2
Db Db   The Sixth Trumpet: The Four Angels Who Had Been Kept Ready,
Were Released to Kill a Third of Mankind - ch 9 verses 13-21
Dc Dc   I Will Give Power to My Two Witnesses
and They Will Prophesy for 1,260 Days - ch 11 verses 1-6a
Dd Dd   I Saw a Woman Holding a Golden Cup in Her Hand, Filled with the Filth of Her Adulteries -
ch 17 chapters 1-6a, 15 and 18
De De   The Events in the Middle of the Great Tribulation -
ch 10 verse 1 to 14-20 and ch 17 verse 16
Df Df   Another Mighty Angel and the Little Scroll - ch 10 verses 1-11
Dg Dg   At the Time of the End, the King of the South Will Engage Him in Battle -
Daniel ch 11 verses 40-45a
Dh Dh   The Antichrist Appears to be Killed - Daniel ch 7 verse 11 and ch 11 verse 45b
Di Di   There Was War in Heaven, and Satan Was Hurled Down to the Earth - ch 12 verses 7-12
Dj Dj   The Antichrist Seems to be Resurrected - ch 13 verse 3
Dk Dk   Three Kings Killed and Seven Submit -
Daniel ch 7 verse 24 and Revelation ch 17 verses 12-13 and 17
Dl Dl   The Destruction of Religious Babylon - Revelation ch 17 verse 16
Dm Dm   The Resurrection of the Two Witnesses: The Third Sign of Jonah - ch 11 verses 7-13
Dn Dn   All Inhabitants of the Earth will Worship the Beast - ch 13 verses 4-10
Do Do   The Beast Out of the Earth: The False Prophet - ch 13 verses 11-15
Dp Dp   The Mark is the Name of the Beast or the Number of His Name - ch 13 verses 16-18
Dq Dq   The Breaking of the Seven Year Covenant - Daniel ch 9 verse 27a and Isaiah ch 28 verse 18
Dr Dr   The Abomination That Causes Desolation -
Daniel ch 9 verse 27b, ch 12 verse 11 and Matthew ch 24 verse 15
Ds Ds   The Woman and the Dragon -
Revelation ch 12 verses 1-6, 13-17 and Matthew ch 24 verses 15-28
Dt Dt   And They Sang a New Song Before the Throne - ch 14 verses 1-5
Du Du   The Hour of His Judgment Has Come: The Message of the Three Angels - ch 14 verses 6-11
Dv Dv   Blessed Are the Dead Who Die in the Lord - ch 14 verses 12-13
Dw Dw   They Were Trampled in the Winepress and Blood Flowed as High as the Horses Bridles -
ch 14 verses 14-20
Dx Dx   The Seventh Trumpet: God's Temple in Heaven Was Opened - ch 11 verses 14-19
Dy Dy   The Events in the Second Half of the Great Tribulation - ch 15 verse 1 to ch 19 verse 10
Dz Dz   The Seven Angels with the Seven Last Plagues - ch 15 verses 1-8
Ea Ea   The Seven Bowls of God's Wrath - ch 16 verses 1-21
Eb Eb   The First Angel Poured His Bowl and Ugly and Painful Sores Broke Out - ch 16 verses 1-2
Ec Ec   The Second Angel Poured Out His Bowl and the Sea Turned into Blood - ch 16 verse 3
Ed Ed   The Third Angel Poured Out His Bowl on the Rivers and Springs and They Became Blood -
ch 16 verses 4-7
Ee Ee   The Fourth Angel Poured Out His Bowl on the Sun, Scorching People with Fire -
ch 16 verses 8-9
Ef Ef   The Fifth Angel Poured Out His Bowl on the Throne of the Beast,
Plunging His Kingdom into Darkness - ch 16 verses 10-11
Eg Eg   The Sixth Angel Poured Out His Bowl and I Saw Three Evil Spirits That Looked Like Frogs -
ch 16 verses 12-16
Eh Eh   The Seventh Angel Poured Out His Bowl and God said, "It is Done!" - ch 16 verses 17-21
Ei Ei   The Woman Who Sits on the Beast - ch 17 verses 1-18
Ej Ej   They Will Make War Against the Lamb, But the Lamb Will Overcome Them -
ch 17 verses 6b-14
Ek Ek   The Beast Will Hate the Prostitute and Bring Her to Ruin - ch 17 verses 16-17
El El   The Fall of Commercial and Political Babylon - ch 18 verses 1-24
Em Em   Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great! She Has Become a Home for Demons - ch 18 verses 1-3
En En   Come Out of Her, My People So That You Will Not Share in Her Sins - ch 18 verses 4-5
Eo Eo   In One Day Her Plagues Will Overtake Her: Death, Mourning and Famine - ch 18 verses 6-8
Ep Ep   Woe! Woe, O Great City, In One Hour She Has Been Brought to Ruin - ch 18 verses 9-19
Eq Eq   Rejoice Over Her, O Heaven, God Has Judged Her for the Way She Treated You -
ch 18 verses 19
Er Er   Babylon Will Never Be Found Again - ch 18 verses 21-23a
Es Es   By Your Magic Spell All Nations Were Led Astray - ch 18 verses 23b-24
Et Et   The Second Coming of Jesus Christ - ch 19 verses 1-19
Eu Eu   Hallelujah! The Smoke From Her Goes Up Forever and Ever - ch 19 verses 1-5
Ev Ev   The Basis for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Zechariah ch 12 verse 10
Ew Ew   He is Dressed in a Robe Dipped in Blood, and His Name is the Word of God -
ch 19 verses 11-18 and 21
Ex Ex   The Eight Stage Campaign of Armageddon - ch 19 verse 19
Ey Ey   The Seventy-Five Day Interval - Daniel ch 12 verses 11-12
Ez Ez   The Removal of the Abomination That Causes Desolation - Daniel ch 12 verse 11
Fa Fa   The Beast was Captured, and with Him the False Prophet - ch 19 verse 20
Fb Fb   He Seized the Dragon, or Satan, and Bound Him for a Thousand Years - ch 20 verses 1-3
Fc Fc   The Sheep and the Goats - Joel ch 3 verses 1-3 and Matthew ch 25 verses 31-46
Fd Fd   The Resurrection of the Righteous of the TANAKH -
Isaiah ch 26 verse 19 and Daniel ch 12 verse 2
Fe Fe   I Saw Those Who Had Been Beheaded Because of Their Testimony for Jesus - ch 20 verses 4
Ff Ff   Blessed and Holy are those Who Have Part in the First Resurrection - ch 20 verses 5-6
Fg Fg   Blessed Are Those who are Invited to the Wedding Feast of the Lamb - ch 19 verses 6-10
Fh Fh   The Dispensation of the Messianic Kingdom - ch 20 verses 1-10
Fi Fi   The Government of the Messianic Kingdom - Isaiah ch 9 verses 6-7
Fj Fj   My Chosen People Will Inherit My Mountains - Isaiah ch 65 verses 9
Fk Fk   Gentiles in the Messianic Kingdom - Isaiah ch 11 verse 10
Fl Fl   When The Thousand Years Are Over - ch 20 verses 7-15
Fm Fm   Satan Will Be Released from His Prison and Will Go Out to Deceive the Nations -
ch 20 verses 7-10
Fn Fn   The Second Resurrection - ch 20 verse 13
Fo Fo   The Great White Throne Judgment - ch 20 verses 11-12
Fp Fp   The Lake of Fire is the Second Death - ch 20 verses 14-15
Fq Fq   The Eternal State - ch 21 verse 1 to ch 22 verse 5
Fr Fr   Then I Saw a New Heaven and a New Earth - ch 21 verses 1-8
Fs Fs   The Eternal New Jerusalem - ch 21 verse 9 to ch 22 verse 5
Ft Ft   Come, I Will Show You the Bride, the Wife of the Lamb - ch 21 verses 9-10
Fu Fu   The New Jerusalem had a Great, High Wall with Twelve Gates - ch 21 verses 11-21
Fv Fv   Nothing Impure Will Enter the New Jerusalem - ch 21 verses 22-27
Fw Fw   Then the Angel Showed Me the River of the Water of Life, Clear as Crystal -
ch 22 verses 1-2
Fx Fx   They Will See His Face, and His Name Will Be On Their Foreheads - ch 22 verses 3-5
Fy Fy   Behold, I AM Coming in the Twinkling of an Eye - ch 22 verses 6-21
Fz Fz   These Words Are Trustworthy and True - ch 22 verses 6-9
Ga Ga   I AM the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End -
ch 22 verses 10-15
Gb Gb   I AM the Root and the Offspring of David, and the Bright and Morning Star -
ch 22 verse 16
Gc Gc   Come! Whoever is Thirsty, Let Them Take the Free Gift of the Water of Life -
ch 22 verse 17
Gd Gd   If Anyone Adds to the Words of this Book, God Will Add to Them the Plagues Described -
ch 22 verses 18-19
Ge Ge   He Who Testifies to These Things Says: Yes, I AM Coming Soon - ch 22 verse 20
Gf Gf   The Grace of the Lord Jesus Be With God's People - ch 22 verse 21
Gg Gg   End Notes
Gh Gh   Bibliography


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