Genesis - Where life and the Bible meet - By Jay Mack

Genesis, Where Life and the Bible Meet

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Aa Aa   Genesis, Where Life and the Bible Meet
Ab Ab   The Outline of the Book of Genesis - From a Jewish Perspective
Ac Ac   The Book of Genesis - From a Jewish Perspective
Ad Ad   Anticipation of Eternity
Ae Ae   The Number Seven
Af Af   THE CREATION OF THE WORLD - ch 1 verse 1 to ch 2 verse 3
Ag Ag   In the Beginning God Created the Heavens and the Earth - ch 1 verse 1
Ah Ah   The Supposed Gap Theory
Ai Ai   Now the Earth was Formless and Empty - ch 1 verse 2
Aj Aj   God Called the Light Day and the Darkness Night - ch 1 verses 3-5
Ak Ak   So God Made the Expanse Between the Waters - ch 1 verses 6-8
Al Al   God Called the Dry Ground Land, and the Gathered Waters He Called Seas -
ch 1 verses 9-13
Am Am   Let There Be Lights in the Sky to Separate Day from Night - ch 1 verses 14-19
An An   Let the Water Team with Living Creatures and Let Birds Fly Above the Earth -
ch 1 verses 20-23
Ao Ao   Let Us Make Man in Our Image, In Our Likeness - ch 1 verses 24-31
Ap Ap   The Dispensations of God / The Dispensation of Innocence or Freedom -
ch 1 verses 24-31
Aq Aq   By the Seventh Day God Had Finished His Work - ch 2 verses 1-3
Ar Ar   The Written Account of the Heavens and the Earth - ch 2 verse 4 to ch 4 verse 26
As As   This is the Account of the Heavens and the Earth When They Were Created -
ch 2 verse 4
At At   Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden - ch 2 verses 5-25
Au Au   God Formed Man from the Dust of the Ground, and Breathed into His Nostrils the Breath of Life - ch 2 verses 5-7
Av Av   God Planted a Garden in the East, in Eden; and There He Put the Man He Had Formed -
ch 2 verses - 8-14
Aw Aw   You Must Not Eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil -
ch 2 verses 15-17
Ax Ax   Then the LORD God Made a Woman from the Rib He had Taken Out of the Man -
ch 2 verses 18-25
Ay Ay   The Fall of Man - ch 3 verses 1-24
Az Az   Now the Serpent Was More Crafty Than Any of the Wild Animals God Had Made -
ch 3 verses 1-5
Ba Ba   The Woman Saw the Fruit of the Tree and Ate It - ch 3 verse 6
Bb Bb   The Dispensation of Conscience - ch 3 verse 6 to ch 8 verse 14
Bc Bc   They Realized They Were Naked and Sewed Fig Leaves to Cover Themselves -
ch 3 verses 7-8
Bd Bd   The Serpent Deceived Me, and I Ate - ch 3 verses 9-13
Be Be   He Will Crush Your Head, and You Will Strike His Heel - ch 3 verses 14-15
Bf Bf   Your Desire Will Be For Your Husband, and He Will Rule Over You - ch 3 verse 16
Bg Bg   Cursed is the Ground Because of You, Through Painful Toil You Will Eat of It -
ch 3 verses 17-19
Bh Bh   The LORD Made Garments of Skin for Adam and His Wife - ch 3 verses 20-24
Bi Bi   Cain and Abel - ch 4 verses 1-26
Bj Bj   Your Brother's Blood Cries Out to Me from the Ground - ch 4 verses 1-15
Bk Bk   The Line of Cain - ch 4 verses 16-24
Bl Bl   The Line of Seth - ch 4 verses 25-26
ch 5 verse 1 to ch 6 verse 8
Bn Bn   When God Created Man, He Made Him in the Likeness of God - ch 5 verses 1-2
Bo Bo   The Genealogy from Adam to Noah - ch 5 verses 3-32
Bp Bp   When Adam Had Lived 130 Years, He Had a Son Named Seth - ch 5 verses 3-5
Bq Bq   When Seth Had Lived 105 Years, He Became the Father of Enosh - ch 5 verses 6-8
Br Br   When Enosh Had Lived 90 Years, He Became the Father of Kenan - ch 5 verses 9-11
Bs Bs   When Kenan Had Lived 70 Years, He Became the Father of Mahalalel -
ch 5 verses 12-14
Bt Bt   When Mahalalel Had Lived 65 Years, He Became the Father of Jared -
ch 5 verses 15-17
Bu Bu   When Jared Had Lived 162 Years, He Became the Father of Enoch - ch 5 verses 18-20
Bv Bv   Enoch was the Father of Methuselah and Walked with God for 300 Years -
ch 5 verses 21-24
Bw Bw   When Methuselah Had Lived 187 Years, He Became the Father of Lamech -
ch 5 verses 25-27
Bx Bx   He Had a Son and Named Him Noah - ch 5 verses 28-31
By By   After Noah Was 500 Years Old, He Became the Father of Shem, Ham and Japheth -
ch 5 verse 32
Bz Bz   The Nephilim Were on the Earth in Those Days - ch 6 verses 1-8
Ca Ca   The Sons of God Married the Daughters of Men - ch 6 verses 1-4
Cb Cb   But Noah Found Grace in the Eyes of the LORD - ch 6 verses 5-8
Cc Cc   The Written Account of the Generations of Noah - ch 6 verse 9 to ch 9 verse 29
Cd Cd   Noah Was a Righteous Man, Blameless Among the People of His Time and He Walked with God - ch 6 verses 9-12
Ce Ce   The Ark is a Type of Christ - ch 6 verses 13-22
Cf Cf   The LORD Then said to Noah: Go into the Ark, Because I Have Found You Righteous -
ch 7 verses 1-5
Cg Cg   Noah and His Wife and Sons Entered the Ark to Escape the Waters of the Flood -
ch 7 verses 6-9
Ch Ch   The Chronology of the Flood - 1 Year and 17 Days in the Ark
Ci Ci   And Rain Fell on the Earth Forty Days and Forty Nights - ch 7 verses 10-16
Cj Cj   The Waters Rose and the Ark Floated on the Surface of the Water -
ch 7 verses 17-24
Ck Ck   The Science of a Young Earth - The Institute of Creation Research
Cl Cl   Accelerated Decay and the Flood
Cm Cm   Carbon 14 Dating and the Flood - Evidence for Accelerated Decay
Cn Cn   Helium Diffusion and the Flood - Evidence for Accelerated Decay
Co Co   Radiohalos and the Flood - Evidence for Accelerated Decay
Cp Cp   Fission Tracks and the Flood - Evidence for Accelerated Decay
Cq Cq   The Flood Waters Receded and the Ark Came to Rest on Mount Ararat -
ch 8 verses 1-14
Cr Cr   But God Remembered Noah and all the Animals and Livestock with Him in the Ark -
ch 8 verses 1-5
Cs Cs   By Noah's Six Hundred and First Year, the Water Had Dried Up from the Earth -
ch 8 verses 6-14
Ct Ct   The Dispensation of Civil Government - ch 8 verse 14 to ch 11 verse 32
Cu Cu   Then God said to Noah: Come Out of the Ark - ch 8 verses 15-19
Cv Cv   Bring Out Every Kind of Living Creature from the Ark so They Can Multiply on the Earth - ch 8 verse 15-17
Cw Cw   All the Animals and All the Creatures Came Out of the Ark, One Kind After Another -
ch 8 verse 18-19
Cx Cx   Then Noah Built an Altar to the LORD and He Sacrificed Burnt Offerings On It -
ch 8 verse 20-22
Cy Cy   God's Covenant With Noah - ch 9 verse 1-17
Cz Cz   Whoever Sheds Human Blood, by Humans Shall Their Blood Be Shed - ch 9 verse 1-7
Da Da   Never Again Will There Be a Flood to Destroy the Earth - ch 9 verses 8-17
Db Db   The Sons of Noah Who Came Out of the Ark were Shem, Ham and Japheth -
ch 9 verses 18-19
Dc Dc   Cursed be Canaan the Lowest of Slaves Will He Be to His Brothers - ch 9 verses 20-27
Dd Dd   The Death of Noah - ch 9 verses 28-29
De De   THE WRITTEN ACCOUNT OF THE SONS OF NOAH - ch 10 verse 1 to ch 11 verse 9
Df Df   The Table of Nations - ch 10 verses 1-32
Dg Dg   This is the Account of Shem, Ham and Japheth, Sons of Noah - ch 10 verse 1
Dh Dh   The Line of Japheth - ch 10 verses 2-5
Di Di   The Line of Ham - ch 10 verses 6-20
Dj Dj   The Line of Shem - ch 10 verses 21-31
Dk Dk   These are the Clans of Noah's Sons, Who Spread Out Over the Earth - ch 10 verse 32
Dl Dl   The Tower of Babel - ch 11 verses 1-9
Dm Dm   Let Us Build a City and Make a Name for Ourselves - ch 11 verses 1-4
Dn Dn   Let Us Go Down and Confuse Their Language - ch 11 verses 5-9
Do Do   The Written Account of the Generations of Shem - ch 11 verses 10-26
Dp Dp   The Written Account of the Generations of Terah - ch 11 verse 27 to ch 25 verse 11
Dq Dq   Terah Became the Father of Abram, Nahor and Haran - ch 11 verses 27-32
Dr Dr   The Purpose of the First Eleven Chapters of Genesis - ch 1 verse 1 to ch 11 verse 29
Ds Ds   The Dispensation of Promise - Genesis ch 12 verse 1 to Exodus ch 18 verse 27
Dt Dt   I Will Bless Those Who Bless You and Whoever Curses You I Will Curse -
ch 12 verses 1-3
Du Du   Abram Left Haran, He Took His Wife Sari and His Nephew Lot - ch 12 verses 4-9
Dv Dv   Now There Was a Famine in the Land, and Abram Went Down to Egypt to Live -
ch 12 verses 10-20
Dw Dw   Abram and Lot Separate - ch 13 verses 1-18
Dx Dx   Abram Lived in the Land of Canaan, While Lot Pitched His Tents Near Sodom -
ch 13 verses 1-13
Dy Dy   Go, Walk Through the Length and Breadth of the Land, for I am Giving it to You -
ch 13 verses 14-17
Dz Dz   So Abram Went to Live Near the Great Trees of Mamre at Hebron - ch 13 verse 18
Ea Ea   Abram Goes to War with the Kings of the East - ch 14 verses 1-24
Eb Eb   The Four Kings Carried Off Abram's Nephew Lot since He was Living in Sodom -
ch 14 verses 1-12
Ec Ec   When Abram Heard Lot Had Been Tak Captive, He Went in Pursuit as far as Dan -
ch 14 verses 13-16
Ed Ed   Melchizedek: King of Salem and a Priest of God Most High - ch 14 verses 17-24
Ee Ee   God's Covenant With Abram - ch 15 verses 1-21
Ef Ef   Abram Believed the LORD and He Credited It to Him as Righteousness -
ch 15 verses 1-6
Eg Eg   I am the LORD, Who Brought You Out of Ur of the Chaldeans to Give You This Land -
ch 15 verses 7-25
Eh Eh   Hagar and the Birth of Ishmael - ch 16 verses 1-16
Ei Ei   Sarai Took Hagar and Gave Her to Abram to be His Wife - ch 16 verses 1-6
Ej Ej   Hagar and The Angel of the Lord - ch 16 verses 7-14
Ek Ek   So Hagar Bore Abram a Son and Abram Named Him Ishmael - ch 16 verses 15-16
El El   God's Covenant of Circumsision with Abraham - ch 17 verses 1-27
Em Em   Your Name Will Be Abraham, For I Have Made You a Father of Many Nations -
ch 17 verses 1-8
En En   For Generations to Come Every Male Who is Eight Days Old Must be Circumcised -
ch 17 verses 9-14
Eo Eo   Your Wife Sarah Will Bear You a Son, and You Will Call Him Isaac -
ch 17 verses 15-22
Ep Ep   Abraham and His Son Ishmael Were Both Circumcised on That Same Day -
ch 17 verses 23-27
Eq Eq   The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah - ch 18 verse 1 to ch 19 verse 38
Er Er   Angels Unawares - ch 18 verses 1-5
Es Es   Abraham's Three Visitors - ch 18 verses 1-8
Et Et   I Will Return This Time Next Year and Sarah Your Wife Will Have a Son -
ch 19 verses 9-15
Eu Eu   Abraham Pleads for Sodom - ch 18 verses 16-33
Ev Ev   The Outcry Against Sodom and Gomorrah is Great and Their Sin is Grievous -
ch 18 verses 16-21
Ew Ew   Abraham Intercedes - ch 18 verses 22-33
Ex Ex   Sodom and Gomorrah Destroyed - ch 19 verses 1-29
Ey Ey   Two Angels Arrived at Sodom in the Evening - ch 19 verses 1-11
Ez Ez   The Two Men said to Lot: Don't Look Back - ch 19 verses 12-22
Fa Fa   The LORD Rained Down Burning Sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah - ch 19 verses 23-29
Fb Fb   Let's Get Our Father to Drink Wine, and then Lie With Him to Preserve
Our Family Line - ch 19 verses 30-38
Fc Fc   Abraham and Abimelech - ch 20 verses 1-18
Fd Fd   Abraham Said of His Wife: She is My Sister - ch 20 verses 1-2
Fe Fe   Then God Came to Abimelech in a Dream - ch 20 verses 3-8
Ff Ff   Abimelech Brought Sheep and Cattle to Abraham and He Returned Sarah
His Wife to Him - ch 20 verses 9-15
Fg Fg   Abimelech said to Sarah: I am Giving Your Brother a Thousand Shekels of Silver -
ch 20 verse 16
Fh Fh   Then God Healed Abimelech, His Wife and His Slave Girls So They Could Have Children Again - ch 20 verses 17-18
Fi Fi   The Birth of Isaac - ch 21 verses 1-7
Fj Fj   Hagar and Ishmael Are Sent Away - ch 21 verses 8-21
Fk Fk   The Treaty at Beersheba - ch 21 verses 22-34
Fl Fl   Abraham Tested - ch 22 verses 1-19
Fm Fm   Take Your Only Son Isaac, and Sacrifice Him as a Burnt Offering - ch 22 verses 1-8
Fn Fn   Abraham Built an Altar, Bound His Son Isaac and Laid Him on Top of the Wood -
ch 22 verses 9-10
Fo Fo   Abraham Saw a Ram Caught by It's Horns So He Called that place The LORD Will Provide - ch 22 verses 11-14
Fp Fp   The Abrahamic Covenant - ch 22 verses 15-18
Fq Fq   Then Abraham Returned to Beersheba - ch 22 verses 19
Fr Fr   Bethuel Became the Father of Rebekah - ch 22 verses 20-24
Fs Fs   The Burial of Sarah - ch 23 verses 1-20
Ft Ft   Sarah Died in the Land of Canaan and Abraham Went to Weep Over Her -
ch 23 verses 1-2
Fu Fu   Abraham said: I am an Alien Among You,
Sell Me Some Property So I Can Bury My Dead - ch 23 verses 3-18
Fv Fv   Abraham Buried His Wife Sarah in the Cave in the field of Machpelah -
ch 23 verses 19-20
Fw Fw   Isaac and Rebekah - ch 24 verses 1-67
Fx Fx   Go to My Country and My Own Relatives and Get a Wife for My Son Isaac -
ch 24 verses 1-9
Fy Fy   O LORD, God of My Master Abraham, Show Me Success Today - ch 24 verses 10-14
Fz Fz   Before He had finished Praying Rebekah Came Out with Her Jar on Her Shoulder -
ch 24 verses 15-27
Ga Ga   Abraham's Servant Meets Laban - ch 24 verses 28-49
Gb Gb   Now Rebekah Had a Brother Named Laban - ch 24 verses 28-33
Gc Gc   The LORD Will Send His Angel With You and Make Your Journey a Success -
ch 24 verses 34-49
Gd Gd   So They Send Rebekah on Her Way, Along With Her Nurse and Abraham's Servant -
ch 24 verses 50-60
Ge Ge   So Isaac Married Rebekah and He Loved Her - ch 24 verses 61-67
Gf Gf   Abraham Took Another Wife, Whose Name Was Keturah - ch 25 verses 1-6
Gg Gg   The Death of Abraham - ch 25 verses 7-11
Gh Gh   The Written Account of the Generations of Ishmael - ch 25 verses 12-18
Gi Gi   The Twelve Sons of Ishmael - ch 25 verses 12-16
Gj Gj   The Death of Ishmael - ch 25 verse 17
Gk Gk   The Territory of Ishmael - ch 25 verse 18
Gl Gl   The Written Account of the Generations of Isaac - ch 25 verse 19 to ch 35 verse 29
Gm Gm   Two Nations, One Womb - ch 25 verses 19-26
Gn Gn   Then Jacob Gave Esau Some Lentil Stew and Esau Despised His Birthright -
ch 25 verses 27-34
Go Go   Isaac Went to Abimelech king of the Philistines in Gerar - ch 26 verses 1-5
Gp Gp   Abimelech, King of the Philistines Saw Isaac Caressing His Wife Rebekah -
ch 26 verses 6-11
Gq Gq   Isaac Reopened the Wells of His Father Abraham - ch 26 verses 12-22
Gr Gr   Isaac Went Up to Beersheba. That Night the LORD Appeared to Him -
ch 26 verses 23-25
Gs Gs   Abimelech Came to Isaac and said: Let Us Make a Treaty With You -
ch 26 verses 26-33
Gt Gt   The Wives of Esau - ch 26 verses 34-35
Gu Gu   The Blessing of Jacob - ch 27 verses 1-40
Gv Gv   Prepare Me the Kind of Tasty Food I Like and
Bring It to Me so That I May Give You My Blessing - ch 27 verses 1-4
Gw Gw   Rebekah Took the Best Clothes of Esau and Put Them on Her Younger Son Jacob -
ch 27 verses 5-17
Gx Gx   Jacob Went Close to Isaac Who said: The Voice is Jacob's, but the Hands are Esau's -
ch 27 verses 18-29
Gy Gy   After Isaac Finished Blessing Jacob, His Brother Esau Came In - ch 27 verses 30-40
Gz Gz   Jacob's Flight to Haran - ch 27 verse 41 to ch 28 verse 22
Ha Ha   Your Brother Esau Wants to Kill You, Flee at Once to My Brother Laban in Haran -
ch 27 verses 41-45
Hb Hb   Then Isaac Sent Jacob to Laban, the Brother of Rebekah -
ch 27 verse 46 to ch 28 verse 5
Hc Hc   Esau Married the Daughter of Ishmael, in Addition to the Wives He Already Had -
ch 28 verses 6-9
Hd Hd   Jacob Saw a Stairway with the Angels of God Ascending and Descending -
ch 28 verses 10-22
He He   Jacob in Haran - ch 29 verse 1 to ch 30 verse 43
Hf Hf   When Jacob Saw Rachel, Daughter of Laban, He Kissed Her and Began to Weep Aloud -
ch 29 verses 1-14a
Hg Hg   Jacob Marries Leah and Rachael - ch 29 verses 14b-30
Hh Hh   Jacob's Children - ch 29 to verse 31 to ch 30 verse 24
Hi Hi   When the LORD Saw That Leah Was Not Loved, He Opened Her Womb -
ch 29 verses 31-35
Hj Hj   Rachel's Servant Bilhah Bore Jacob a Son and Rachel Named Him Dan -
ch 30 verses 1-8
Hk Hk   Leah's Servant Zilpah Bore Jacob a Son and Leah Named Him Asher -
ch 30 verses 9-13
Hl Hl   God Listened to Leah, and She Became Pregnant and Bore Issacher, Zebulun and Dinah -
ch 30 verses 14-21
Hm Hm   God Remembered Rachel and Opened Her Womb and She Gave Birth to a Son -
ch 30 verses 22-24
Hn Hn   Jacob's Agreement with Laban - ch 30 verses 25-36
Ho Ho   Jacob's Flocks Increase - ch 30 verses 37-43
Hp Hp   Jacob's Flight from Haran - ch 31 verses 1-55
Hq Hq   Jacob Flees from Laban - ch 31 verses 1-21
Hr Hr   Laban Pursues Jacob - ch 31 verses 22-42
Hs Hs   So Jacob Took a Stone and Set It Up as a Pillar and He Called It Galeed -
ch 31 verses 43-55
Ht Ht   Jacob Meets Esau - ch 32 verse 1 to ch 33 verse 17
Hu Hu   Jacob Went On His Way, and the Angels of God Met Him - ch 32 verses 1-2
Hv Hv   Jacob Prepares to Meet Esau - ch 32 verses 3-23
Hw Hw   Jacob Wrestles with God - ch 32 verses 24-32
Hx Hx   Jacob Looked Up and There was Esau, Coming with His Four Hundred Men -
ch 33 verses 1-17
Hy Hy   The Results of Disobedience - ch 33 verse 18 to ch 34 verse 31
Hz Hz   Jacob's Disobedience at Shechem - ch 33 verses 18-20
Ia Ia   Dinah was Raped by Shechem - ch 34 verses 1-31
Ib Ib   The Rape of Dinah - ch 34 verses 1-7
Ic Ic   Because Their Sister Dinah Had Been Defiled, Jacob's Sons Replied Deceitfully -
ch 34 verses 8-17
Id Id   The Circumcision at Shechem - ch 34 verses 18-24
Ie Ie   The Slaughter at Shechem - ch 34 verses 25-29
If If   Jacob's Rebuke of Simeon and Levi - ch 34 verses 30-31
Ig Ig   Jacob's Spiritual Renewal at Bethel - ch 35 verses 1-15
Ih Ih   Jacob's Journey to Bethel - ch 35 verses 1-8
Ii Ii   After Jacob Returned from Paddan Aram, God Appeared to Him Again at Bethel -
ch 35 verses 9-15
Ij Ij   The Birth of Benjamin and the Death of Rachel - ch 35 verses 16-20
Ik Ik   Reuben Went In and Slept with His Father's Concubine Bilhah - ch 35 verses 21-22a
Il Il   Jacob Had Twelve Sons - ch 35 verses 22b-26
Im Im   Isaac Died and His Sons Esau and Jacob Buried Him - ch 35 verses 27-29
In In   The Written Account of the Generations of Esau - ch 36 verse 1 to 37 verse 1
Io Io   The Wives and Sons of Esau - ch 36 verses 1-8
Ip Ip   Esau's Sons and Grandsons - ch 36 verses 9-14
Iq Iq   The Clans of the Descendants of Esau - ch 36 verses 15-19
Ir Ir   The Sons of Seir the Horite - ch 36 verses 20-30
Is Is   The Kings of Edom - ch 36 verses 31-39
It It   The Clans of Esau - ch 36 verses 40-43b
Iu Iu   The Division of the Two Brothers - ch 36 verse 43c to ch 37 verse 1
Iv Iv   The Prophecy of Edom
Iw Iw   The Written Account of the Generations of Jacob - ch 37 verse 2 to ch 50 verse 26
Ix Ix   Joseph Sold into Slavery by His Brothers - ch 37 verses 2-36
Iy Iy   Joseph's Coat of Many Colors - ch 37 verses 2-4
Iz Iz   Joseph's Dreams - ch 37 verses 5-11
Ja Ja   Joseph in the Pit - ch 37 verses 12-24
Jb Jb   When the Midianite Merchants Came by, His Brothers Sold Joseph for Twenty Shekels of Silver - ch 37 verses 25-36
Jc Jc   Judah and Tamar - ch 38 verses 1-30
Jd Jd   Judah said to Tamar: Live as a Widow Until My Son Shelah Grows Up -
ch 38 verses 1-11
Je Je   Judah Recognized His Seal and Staff and said: She is More Righteous Than I -
ch 38 verses 12-26
Jf Jf   Tamar Gave Birth to Twin Boys, She Named them Perez and Zerah -
ch 38 verses 27-30
Jg Jg   Joseph and Potiphar's Wife - ch 39 verses 1-18
Jh Jh   The LORD was with Joseph and He Prospered - ch 39 verses 1-6a
Ji Ji   Potiphar's Wife said: Come to Bed with Me! But Joseph Ran Out of the House -
ch 39 verses 6b-18
Jj Jj   Joseph in Prison - ch 39 verse 19 to ch 40 verse 23
Jk Jk   While Joseph was in Prison the LORD was with Him, and Granted Him Favor with the Prison Warden - ch 39 verses 19-23
Jl Jl   The Cupbearer and the Baker - ch 40 verses 1-23
Jm Jm   Do Not Interpretations Belong to God? Tell Me Your Dreams - ch 40 verses 1-8
Jn Jn   So the Chief Cupbearer Told Joseph His Dream - ch 40 verses 9-15
Jo Jo   Then the Chief Baker said to Joseph: I Too Had a Dream - ch 40 verses 16-19
Jp Jp   The Dreams Come True - ch 40 verses 20-23
Jq Jq   Joseph Before Pharaoh - ch 41 verses 1-57
Jr Jr   Joseph Interprets Pharaoh's Dream - ch 41 verses 1-8
Js Js   The Report of the Cupbearer - ch 41 verses 9-13
Jt Jt   Seven Fat Cows and Seven Lean Cows, Seven Full Heads of Grain and Seven Thin -
ch 41 verses 14-24
Ju Ju   Seven Years of Abundance will Come to Egypt, but Seven Years of Famine will Follow -
ch 41 verses 25-36
Jv Jv   Joseph as Prime Minister - ch 41 verses 37-46a
Jw Jw   The Seven Years of Abundance Came to an End in Egypt, and the Seven Years of Famine Began - ch 41 verses 46b-57
Jx Jx   Joseph and His Brothers - ch 42 verse 1 to 45 verse 28
Jy Jy   The First Journey to Egypt - ch 42 verses 1-38
Jz Jz   When Jacob Learned that there was Grain in Egypt, Ten of His Sons Went to Buy Some - ch 42 verses 1-5
Ka Ka   When Joseph's Brothers Arrived, They Bowed Down to Him - ch 42 verses 6-26
Kb Kb   Joseph is No More and Simeon is No More, and Now You Want to Take Benjamin -
ch 42 verses 27-38
Kc Kc   The Second Journey to Egypt - ch 43 verse 1 to 45 verse 28
Kd Kd   Then Judah said to Isra'el, Send Benjamin with Me and I will Guarantee His Safety -
ch 43 verses 1-14
Ke Ke   The Second Encounter with Joseph - ch 43 verses 15-34
Kf Kf   The Cup was Found in Benjamin's Sack, at this They Tore Their Clothes -
ch 44 verses 1-17
Kg Kg   Judah said: Let Me Remain as Your Slave, but Let the Boy Return to My Father -
ch 44 verses 18-34
Kh Kh   Joseph Made Himself Known to His Brothers - ch 44 verses 1-15
Ki Ki   Pharaoh told Joseph: Return to Canaan and Bring Your Father and Families Back to Me - ch 45 verses 16-20
Kj Kj   My son Joseph is Still Alive, I Will Go and See Him Before I Die - ch 45 verses 21-28
Kk Kk   Jacob Moves His Family to Egypt - ch 46 verse 1 to 47 verse 12
Kl Kl   So Isra'el Took All His Offering with Him to Egypt - ch 46 verses 1-7
Km Km   Jacob's Genealogy - ch 46 verses 8-27
Kn Kn   Jacob Arrived in Egypt - ch 46 verses 28-34
Ko Ko   Then Jacob Blessed Pharaoh and Went Out from His Presence - ch 47 verses 1-10
Kp Kp   Jacob Settled in Goshen - ch 47 verses 11-12
Kq Kq   Joseph and the Famine - ch 47 verses 13-26
Kr Kr   Joseph Collected All the Money in Egypt in Payment for the Grain -
ch 47 verses 13-14
Ks Ks   The People of Egypt Brought Their Livestock to Josphe and He Gave Them Food -
ch 47 verses 15-17
Kt Kt   All the Land in Egypt Because Pharaoh's for Grain - ch 47 verses 18-22
Ku Ku   The People Became Tenant Farmers on the Land that Belonged to Pharaoh -
ch 47 verses 23-26
Kv Kv   When I Rest with My Fathers, Carry Me Out of Egypt - ch 47 verses 27-31
Kw Kw   The Blessing of Ephraim and Manasseh - ch 48 verses 1-22
Kx Kx   Jacob Adopted Joseph's Two Sons Ephraim and Manasseh - ch 48 verses 1-7
Ky Ky   Isra'el Reached Out His Right Hand and Put It On Ephraim's Head, Though He Was the Younger - ch 48 verses 8-20
Kz Kz   Then Isra'el said to Joseph: I am About to Die, but God Will Be With You -
ch 48 verses 21-22
La La   The Prophecy of Jacob's Sons - ch 49 verses 1-28
Lb Lb   Then Jacob Called for His Sons to Gather Around Him - ch 49 verse 1
Lc Lc   Assemble and Listen, Sons of Jacob, Listen to Your Father Isra'el - ch 49 verse 2
Ld Ld   The Blessing and Cursing of Jacob's Son - ch 49 verse 3-27
Le Le   Reuben, You are My Firstborn, Turbulent as the Waters, You Will No Longer Excel -
ch 49 verse 3-4
Lf Lf   Simeon and Levi are Brothers, Their Swords are Weapons of Violence -
ch 49 verse 5-7
Lg Lg   The Scepter Will Not Depart from Judah Until He Comes to Whom It Belongs -
ch 49 verse 8-12
Lh Lh   Zebulun Will Live by the Seashore and Become a Haven for Ships - ch 49 verse 13
Li Li   Issachar is a Strong Donkey, and Became a Laborer Who Tills - ch 49 verse 14-15
Lj Lj   Dan Will be a Serpent by the Roadside, A Viper Along the Path - ch 49 verse 16-18
Lk Lk   Raiders Shall Raid Gad, But He Shall Raid at Their Heels - ch 49 verse 19
Ll Ll   Asher's Bread Will Be With Oil; He Will Provide Delicacies Fit for a King -
ch 49 verse 20
Lm Lm   Naphtali is a Doe Set Free that bears Beautiful Words - ch 49 verse 21
Ln Ln   Joseph is a Fruitful Vine - ch 49 verse 22-26
Lo Lo   Benjamin is a Ravenous Wolf, He Devours the Prey and Divides the Plunder -
ch 49 verse 27
Lp Lp   These are the Twelve Tribes of Isra'el, This is What He said as He Blessed Them -
ch 49 verse 28
Lq Lq   The Death and Burial of Jacob - ch 49 verse 29 to 50 verse 14
Lr Lr   Jacob Breathed His Last and Was Gathered to His People -
ch 49 verse 29 to 50 verse 3
Ls Ls   So Joseph Went Up to Bury His Father - ch 50 verse 4-14
Lt Lt   Joseph Reassures His Brothers - ch 50 verse 15-21
Lu Lu   The Death of Joseph - ch 50 verse 22-26
Lv Lv   I Do Not Permit a Woman to Teach or Have Authority Over a Man, She Must Be Silent - First Timothy ch 2 verse 11-15
Lw Lw   The Witness of the Stars
Lx Lx   The First Book: The Redeemer (His First Coming) - Virgo: The Virgin
Ly Ly   Libra: The Price Which Covers
Lz Lz   Scorpio: The Attack of the Enemy
Ma Ma   Sagittarius: The Archer
Mb Mb   The Second Book: The Church (The Result of His First Coming) -
The Goat
Mc Mc   Aquarius: The Pouring Out of the Water
Md Md   Pisces: The Conflict With the Enemy
Me Me   Aries: The Ram
Mf Mf   The Third Book: The Messianic Kingdom (The Result of His Second Coming) -
The Bull
Mg Mg   Gemini: The Two Fold Ministry of the Prince
Mh Mh   Cancer: All Conflict Is Over
Mi Mi   Leo: The Lion
Mj Mj   End Notes
Mk Mk   Bibliography

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